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Bee hive temperature/humidity

Current Channel data

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$2 Web server
(Currently offline.
  ESP8266 access and LED control takes about 15 seconds
so be patient!)

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Academic material



NAS 2015 --- Direct Device-to-Device Transfer Protocol: A New Look at the Benefits of a Decentralized I/O Model

NAS 2015 --- Reevaluation of Programmed I/O with Write-Combining Buffers to Improve I/O Performance on Cluster Systems

CACHES 2011 --- Platform IO DMA Transaction Acceleration (slides)

IJPP 2009 --- Architectural Breakdown of End-to-End Latency in a TCP/IP Network with 10Gbps

SBAC 2007  --- Architectural Breakdown of End-to-End Latency in a TCP/IP Network

HPCA11  --- Workshop on evaluation with FPGAs presentation by Steen Larsen (San Francisco Feb 13 2005)




System simulation [2009 NetLogo]

Launch NetLogo noPOM model

 Assisted bicycle locomotion

ECE 672 Advanced Logic Synthesis
Final project (ppt

, doc)

PCI prototype card - Configuration register access working, working to get memory access working with internal FIFOs

Oregon State MS EE (picture) - Four slave processors on wirewrapped ISA card

Senior project - Oregon State '91

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